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Here I am after professionals worked on me for hours.  For the sake of full transparency, I feel like I should disclose that I only look like this less than 1% of the time.


  1. I read the 20 things to tell your son, and thought it was just beautiful, and very true. Thank you for sharing that. And your family is beautiful. (:

  2. Are you in the hospital until the surgery? Can I help with food for the family? What hospital are you in? I would love to help.
    Jana Gilliard

  3. Dunno zakly how I came across the 20 things...but I wish you'd have written it 20 years ago...of course then I never would have seen it unless you'd have published a book or something...I just got my first computer 20 years ago...was blog even a wurd then.....
    Love yer stuff kiddo.
    Keep rockin...and sorry about your looks...poor thing.
    p.s.hurry n write your book!

  4. HI there,

    I have a quick question about "Werd-Yab!" Please email me when you get a chance...thank you!

  5. I heard about this through the Atlanta radio station (Q100-could have been a re-run being that I see you wrote this last year). I am going to share this with my 2 teenage daughters. I think it is a great message for girls to see "how boys should act". Thanks for the message

  6. Hi Amanda,

    You haven't posted in quite a long time and I'm hoping that everything is okay. I always enjoyed reading your posts and I miss them!

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