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Here I am after professionals worked on me for hours.  For the sake of full transparency, I feel like I should disclose that I only look like this less than 1% of the time.


  1. I read the 20 things to tell your son, and thought it was just beautiful, and very true. Thank you for sharing that. And your family is beautiful. (:

  2. Are you in the hospital until the surgery? Can I help with food for the family? What hospital are you in? I would love to help.
    Jana Gilliard

  3. Dunno zakly how I came across the 20 things...but I wish you'd have written it 20 years ago...of course then I never would have seen it unless you'd have published a book or something...I just got my first computer 20 years ago...was blog even a wurd then.....
    Love yer stuff kiddo.
    Keep rockin...and sorry about your looks...poor thing.
    p.s.hurry n write your book!

  4. HI there,

    I have a quick question about "Werd-Yab!" Please email me when you get a chance...thank you!

  5. I heard about this through the Atlanta radio station (Q100-could have been a re-run being that I see you wrote this last year). I am going to share this with my 2 teenage daughters. I think it is a great message for girls to see "how boys should act". Thanks for the message

  6. Hi Amanda,

    You haven't posted in quite a long time and I'm hoping that everything is okay. I always enjoyed reading your posts and I miss them!

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  8. don't think email is old fashioned.
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  9. Hi Amanda...
    After reading your 20 Things a Mother Should Tell Her Son, and the About You section I feel like I've known you my whole life! You truly have a gift with sharing your life, emotions and Oh Yes - You do look that Gorgeous more than 1% of the time!!
    I came across the 20-TaMSTHS photo quite a while back and tried to search for 'what they were'. Needless to say alot of interesting 'Things' came up but not yours. Till just about 10 minutes ago when I was looking for another photo and spotted yours... with the in the lower corner. (I'm a better sleuth than that on a bad day!)
    I'm so glad I typed it in... those are Brilliant! My son is 38 and (I also have a daughter 36) I really think that he needs a refresher course on several of those 'Things'. But for the most part he does the majority very well.
    Any chance that there will be a "20 Things a Mother Should Tell Her Daughter"? If so, I have one to donate to you as a starter... my daughter was taking swimming lessons at age 4 and doing 'fairly well' (she's now a fish in the water!) but when it came to learning the 'Backstroke' her instructor (a VERY handsome high school/college age tanned Adonis) had to give her some 'support under her back' as she attempted to back stroke across the pool.
    I watched as this happened each time it was her turn to try the backstroke... and then I saw her FACE as it was going on. She just "looked up into the instructor's eyes with her deep baby blues and simply smiled" and he would 'carry her as she languishly stroked her arms across the water'.
    I started laughing. I knew what she was doing, using her 'little feminine wiles' to charm him into doing it for her. So that 'last day of batting her baby blues' this was my words of wisdom to her:
    Sweetie, you did a fine job of batting your eyes and having the instructor carry you for your backstroke and that may work most of the time... BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DO THE BACKSTROKE. One day you may have a flat tire or busted pipes and if you can 'bat your eyes to get someone to fix it' then that's a plus for you... BUT You Had Better Know How To Fix It Yourself, in case no one comes by to bat your eyes at!
    She giggled and from that day on she has been the woman that can DO IT HERSELF even if it hasn't been done before (she was the lead in Odyssey of the Mind in her 8th grade year, they made it through all of the United States Teams to go to Washington DC for World Champions.) and now she is married -- and bats her baby blues at her hubby who does all the cooking & shopping. But then she has her PhD. in Psychology and a Practice all of her own.
    So if you do write a 20 TaMSTHD, maybe you can include it: "You might be able to get someone to do it for you if you smile & bat your baby blues... But you had better Know How To Do It Yourself in case no one comes along."
    Thanks for letting me share and keep up your I'll be back to see some new things from you
    Linda Beghtel in California

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