Thursday, June 30, 2011

Train Birthday Party

After my Camp Bailey post, I realized that I never posted anything about Drew's birthday party.  So this is a little late (7 months late to be exact).  Better late than never?

My little guy is a big fan of trains.  And cars.  And motorcycles.  And planes.  And helicopters.  And basically anything that makes a loud noise or can travel very fast.  And if they do both... all the better!  So we turned our house into Andrew Liam Station.

The train ticket invitation

The travel itinerary 

The Hohenbery Express - designed and made my the train engineer's Mama! :)

First stop  was the Museum of Art.  

Each child made their own artwork for the station wall

Tattoos were next on the itinerary 

Drew picked a snake.  

The kids' favorite stop - the Toy Store

Each child received Drew Bucks to spend in the store

It was like Black Friday up in there. :)

Finally back to Andrew Liam station where each child had their own parcel package of goodies waiting for them at baggage claim.

The birthday boy!

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EMAIL ME if you are interested in pricing for your custom printables for your child's train party!  Or, please contact me regarding any other party theme as well. 

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