Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Am From

I am from four daughters, three on Earth and one in Heaven.  I am from pancakes for dinner and “Bailey Family Fun Night”.  I am from Canton Golf Course pool and R&M Hoagie Shop. 

I am from a 3 bedroom ranch so full of love that you could barely shut the door.  I am from a 100 year old oak tree in the front yard and a green and white swingset in the back yard.  I am from snow sledding on a cookie sheet and overnight trips to Daytona Beach.

I am from Nana’s strawberry patch and blue hydrangeas and from Grandmother’s pink roses and white azaleas.  I am from garden grown vegetables and home raised chickens.  I am from shopping trips to Atlanta and five-course dinner parties.  I am from the best of both worlds.

I am from the charismatic and the quick-witted.  I am from the compassionate and the kind hearted.  I am from the determined and the hard working.   I am from proud ambassadors of faith.  I am from Bailey, Cannon, Tippens and Cagle. 

I am from a Holly Springs basketball game and a chance meeting at the concession stand.  I am from “So you’re the great Ricky Bailey, huh?” and from buying a pair of blue jeans so his nice pants wouldn’t get ruined if he had to fight.  I am from a Mom who still gets giddy when my Dad walks in the room and from a Dad who declared his love for my Mom on a high school bus full of his peers.  I am from a “you are my next breath” kind of love and an example of marriage that inspires the old and the young.     

I am from “Christmas Eve Gift” and singing Happy Birthday to a newborn baby.  I am from baking cookies at 3 am and playing Monopoly.  I am from the Beatles, Eric Clapton and the Doobie Brothers. I am from making a game out of salt and pepper shakers and from taking a break from work to go to his daughter’s pep rally.  I am from a Mom who fought for my right to an education and a Dad who put barrettes in my hair.

I am from Sunday School, youth camp, choir performances, Vacation Bible School and Baptist baptisms.  I am from reading the Bible and praying for the stranger in the ambulance. 

I am from six generations of Cherokee County.  I am from a gazebo in downtown Canton and a little white house on Old Magnolia Street. 

I am from “Be smart” and “With You and our heath we have it all”.  I am from Canton Woman’s Club and framed cross-stitching.  I am from taking fried chicken to the funeral home and baking cakes for the church homecoming.  I am from fixing lawn mowers and singing old hymns. 

I am from boxes of black and white photographs and love letters that my parents wrote to each other when they were 15 years old. I am from homemade quits and doll cakes.  I am from 1986 home videos and leather bound photo albums.  

I am from “blood is thicker than water”.  I am from love. 


  1. As a writer of non-fiction (which is easy) and of fiction (which is very difficult for me), and of poetry (which is a little strange for a scientist), I am impressed with your talent with your use of words, humor, and with the expression of your feelings. I know you have a great future in writing, and I hope you will always continue with the efforts you are making.

  2. Beautifully written. You brought tears to my eyes. You really are a wonderful writer, Amanda.

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