Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mom Vacation

Today I am taking a vacation day alone.  No husband. No children.  Just me with no plans and no agenda.

Wait.  Hold on a second.  Did you hear that?

Yeah, I didn't either.

There's no Thomas the Train video blaring from the television.  There's no Selena Gomez songs on the radio.  There's no, "Mama, Drew won't get his hand off his butt and it's gross!"  I don't even think the dog has barked today.

Somebody paint me red and wrap me up in stars and stripes because this feels like a national freakin' holiday!

I kissed my husband as he left for work this morning and then I drove my two little monkeys to their respective schools.  And now here I am, in my yoga pants and a tank top, drinking coffee and eating leftover chili (What. You don't think those two things go together?) and doing nothing.

Ahhhh. Nothing.

I can't remember the last time that I did nothing, but I'm pretty sure that it was sometime during the Clinton administration.

Confession: My children are out of school next week for Fall Break, but instead of taking all my vacation days then, I decided to take two days this week for some "me time".

Does that make me a bad mother?  Possibly.  Should I feel guilty about it?  Probably.  Do I care? Absolutely not.

Because if Mama's happy, everyone's happy.  So, really, this is for them.

To Brian, Bailey and Drew: You're welcome.