Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Spousal Hotness Factor

My husband started running, lifting weights and dieting.  The health trifecta.  I have given him four solid weeks to quit, but he is still going strong.

Great.  This means that I will have to start exercising and eating healthy, too.  Not because I'm inspired but because of the spousal hotness factor.

One spouse cannot be +/- 2 degrees of hotness from the other spouse.  It is kind of like the Kevin Bacon thing but way more important.

No wife wants her husband to get all Ryan Reynolds hot and then get sympathy eyes from across the restaurant.  Like, 'Oh, bless his heart. She must have a great personality.'

I gave it my all for 45 minutes on the elliptical today.  I think at one point I was literally sweating chocolate chip cookies.   Is it too early in the health trifecta to throw in the towel?

I hate you, Elliptical, Spousal Hotness Factor and Ryan Reynolds.  Oh, and you, too, Kevin Bacon.