Monday, October 24, 2011

Message in a Block Tower

Brian and I kept the nursery at church this past Sunday.  And things were going great: we read them the story of Moses, we sang songs, we colored a picture and then we ate those little flower-shaped shortbread cookies.

In a loosely related story, my Mom says that on a crisp, Fall day in 1979, I came home from preschool and announced that I was getting married.  The proof?  The cookie that I was wearing on my ring finger.  (Clearly this four year old boy was quite a romantic.)  And I wrote "my Mom says" because I have no memory of this event although I do admit always being a sucker for a tasty cookie.

Anywhooo, back to this post.

We had a few minutes of free play before the Moms and Dads came shuffling in to collect their preschoolers.  And that's when I noticed a little message at the top of this block tower.

I've never torn down a block tower so fast in my life!

Hey, that wasn't in the lesson!  Somebody please tell me that the third letter is supposed to be an "N". 

Chances are we might not be asked to volunteer our services again in the future.