Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Turning Negatives Into Poetry

Everybody has their own unique way of dealing with stress in their life. Some lash out at loved ones. Some exercise. Some cry. Some eat. Some drink. Some buy shoes.

And some... write.

Ten Little Birds by: Amanda Hohenbery

Ten little birds, perched high in their nest
But one little bird did not want to rest
So nine little birds watched him fly
As another little bird longed for the sky
Eight little birds with nothing to do
So one little bird just flew the coop
Seven little birds began to tweet
But one little bird sang off-key
So six little birds tossed him over the edge
If they keep this up, they'll be no birds left!
Then three more birds met a similar fate
And that little nest lost a little more weight
Two is company but three is a crowd
So another little bird takes flight now
Two little birds, left high in the tree
Began to talk but then disagree
Now one little bird is left in the nest
And he is quite meaner than all of the rest
And ironically, he was the middle one, too
So here's the middle bird.... just for you

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