Monday, August 16, 2010

Never Settle For Anything Less Than... Butterflies

I remember the first night that Brian and I met. Laura invited me to tag along to an after-hours work function at Loca Luna one Friday night. She told me that a co-worker named Brian was going to ride down with us. She paused and said, "ya know, he is so your type."

Well, was she ever right! Brian was sitting in her living room when I walked in and introduced myself. I remember the first moment that I looked at him and I felt.... butterflies.

So what do you do when you meet somebody who you really want to impress? You say something stupid, of course.... "Hey, I like that shirt. It takes a real man to wear pink." Brian laughed and thanked me for complimenting his shirt. :) I have no clue how a terrible pick-up line like that won him over, but thankfully, somehow, it did.

Fast forward through first phone calls and first dates... through weddings and reweddings :)... through watching Bailey grow up and experiencing Drew's birth.... through the day-to-day pleasure that is our life...

When Brian came home from work this evening, the kids and I were already home. I was sitting on the couch, helping Bailey study for her spelling test, while Drew was playing on the floor with some trains.

Brian walked through the door, and I couldn't help but be reminded that he is the most handsome man that I've ever seen. And for every bit of handsome that he is on the outside, he is twice as handsome on the inside. And whaddaya know, when I saw him walk through that door tonight, I felt... butterflies.

Even after all these years, my heart still flutters like our love is brand new. I'm so lucky to have found a love like that.

You should "never settle for anything less than butterflies." Trust me. It's worth the wait.

Our first photo :)