Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Customer Disservice

I am an official e-bayer now. I sold four items this week that were collecting dust in my closet for $112.99 + shipping costs. Yay me! Shoe shopping, anyone?

Today, I took a couple of sold items into the local UPS store for shipping after lunch at Jersey Mike's, a.k.a, Sandwich Heaven. 

The cashier looked seemingly normal. She was tall, fairly attractive, late 20s. While she was boxing up my items, she stopped and said, "Did you just eat?" When I said yes, I had, she replied with, "I can tell because you stink like onions. What did you eat? Something with onions on it?"

Wow. She's obviously got mad detective skills.

Oddly enough, I wasn't offended... yet. I'm sure that I did smell like onions. But eating at Jersey Mike's is totally worth it (for me at least). Then she said, "Gross. You smell really ethnic."

Excuse me? Is this 2011 or 1911? I couldn't believe that she assumed I wouldn't be offended by her racism.

Awkward silence was created, and unfortunately, she felt the need to fill it: "Onions and I don't get along. I mean, I like 'em, but they just make me really gassy. Do they make you gassy?"

If I could break wind on command, you better believe that I would have right then. But instead, I just took my package and left. I figure that another UPS store deserves my shipping business more than that one.

After I post this blog, I think I'll visit for a nice bouquet of onions to have anonymously delivered to the store. Just a small token of my affection for her customer disservice this afternoon.