Friday, January 28, 2011

UGGly to UGGiful

Ahem. I would like to begin this blog with a poem entitled, "Vices":

Superman has kryptonite
Lindsay Lohan has booze
Charlie Sheen has hookers
And I have shoes

But in recent years, I've self-imposed a rigorous 12 step program that has significantly cut down my shoe buying (that, or I picked up a $1,000 a month nanny bill. I'll let you decide).

Back to the point of this post - UGG boots. I've never really gotten the craze. And I didn't think that I'd get much use out of them anyway. When you go through life 5'2" and you want to converse with other adults without shouting, you get used to wearing heels all the time. Investing in casual boots seemed wasteful.

Until I actually tried on a pair. These boots are uber amazing! It's like wearing a cushy, sheepskin rug made especially for your feet that perfectly regulates the internal temperature. UGGS are the Goldilocks of fashion - my feet are never too cold and they're never too hot; they're always juuuust right.

Come over to my house at midnight and you're bound to find me watching television in my pjs and UGGS. I hate taking them off. They're like bedroom slippers only better because nobody judges you when you wear them to the grocery store.

Has my blogomercial convinced you to buy a pair yet?

What seemed UGGly from a distance now looks UGGiful to me. I guess it's true what they say - "Beauty is in the foot of the beholder"... or, uh... something like that.

Nothing says Sunday like UGGS and footfall.