Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't Sleep. Clowns Will Eat Me.

Bailey asked if we could go to the Ringling Bros Circus.  Uh... no.  Doesn't she know that clowns will be there?  I'm scared to death of those creepy little bastards.

For years, I've tried to wrap my brain around why anybody would think that clowns are cool.  I mean, do you want to hire this guy for your child's next birthday party?

How about this one?

Even clowns that are supposed to be nice still look creepy.

Good freaking grief, people.  Wise up!  These creatures are not lovable.  They're not cute.  They're not funny.  THEY WANT TO EAT YOUR CHILDREN.

A few years back, I took a girls' trip to Vegas.  Laura, Melody and Katie decided that I needed to face my fear of clowns by visiting the hotel and casino Circus Circus.  Have you ever seen this place? Sheesh. Too bad all it did was make me a little scared of Vegas, too.

And by the way, if you stay at Circus Circus, these are the people who watch you while you sleep.

So this blog is a little less of a blog and a little more of a public service announcement.  Join my petition now and let's get creepy clowns removed from circus acts all around the globe.  Together, we can make the world a better place.

And as a extra bonus to making the world a better place, maybe I can take my children to the circus without hiding under the bleachers.  I'm only kidding... probably.


  1. Bahahaha. I just laughed so loud in my cube that the girl down the hall asked what was so funny. That. is. awesome.

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