Friday, September 2, 2011

People of Walmart

I am a people of Walmart.  Now before you report that opening sentence to Grammar Girl, please note that in honor of the true People of Walmart, I'm throwing grammar to the wind for this post.  Because if you can't find your underwear or deodorant, how could you possibly find a semicolon or part of speech?  

But seriously, I love Walmart!  Where else can you buy a fish tank, a Wii, some washcloths, a new bra and chicken fettuccine all under one roof?  Sure, you could try you luck at Target (Targe'), but people are going to expect you to put some clothes on first.  At "Wall-eh" (Sorry. I had to use phonics here. I took Spanish in high school.), you're not bound by the same rules of hygiene or dress code. Just come as you are!  Really. It could make you a local celebrity.

And I don't mean to poke fun.  I'm definitely more of a "awww- bless her heart" kind of girl than a "Good Lord, look at that!" kind of girl.  So I ask for your forgiveness in advance.

I was so inspired by the discount store that I wrote a song about it.  Click on the photo below to hear my song, which showcases my out of tune guitar and my out of tune voice.  What? You were expecting a professional?  Try Carrie Underwood's blog instead.

I'm sure that I've broken 862 copyright laws with this post. So if you are Walmart's people (NOT to be confused with "People of Walmart"), then you might want to talk to my people.  Maybe we should just let the attorneys hash this thing out.

But if you are an actual "People of Walmart"... well... this one's for you.