Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Just in case you have better things to do than surf  Urban Dictionary, I would like to introduce you to a new word: Complisult.    

The word combines "compliment" and "insult" into one sneaky piece of back-handed flattery.  Similar to "bless her heart", when it's used correctly, you can practically get away with murder. 

Complisult: "I love that dress!  It does wonders for your figure!"
Translation: "Usually you look REALLY fat, but today, you look just kind of fat."
Complisult: "You aren't the smartest person I know, but you aren't the dumbest, either."
Translation: "You're a dumbass."
Complisult: "Your house is so cute!"
Translation: "This place is tiny!  How do four people live in here?" 

You've used them, too, huh?  Well, don't feel too guilty - complisults make the world a happier place.  

And this was the first thought that popped into my head after hearing the song posted below.  The New Boyz don't want you to "take this the wrong way, but you look better with the lights off."  

At least they know that you should take it the wrong way because that's the only reason you ask somebody not to take it the wrong way.  But, seriously.  Is there another way to take it?

And the fact that Chris Brown offers up a cameo in this song is just too easy.  This is the same Chris Brown who beat the devil out of his girlfriend, Rhianna, a few years back.  I guess it's easier to get romantic when you can't see all the gashes and bruises, huh, Chris?

So, that's all for now.  I want to thank you for reading this post, especially considering that only three people usually read my blog.

Yes, that was a complisult.  You're better at spotting them now, aren't you?