Monday, November 14, 2011

In Defense of Thanksgiving

Poor Thanksgiving.  A notable holiday, with a fine, historical traditional behind it.  In our rush to get to the Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving gets pushed to the side.  There is no time to devote to it in the transition between Halloween candy and Christmas candy.  Just some sad, end cap displays in the grocery store with canned pumpkin and Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix.  Thanksgiving isn't flashy.  There are no gifts, greeting cards or fireworks.  No president, veteran or Savior to honor.  It's just a chance to sit down, have a nice meal, and fellowship with your friends and family.  Thanksgiving offers the best of what a holiday should be - togetherness, sharing... and gravy.  Thanksgiving is the quiet sister who gets overlooked because her older sister is a cheerleader with great legs and a car.  I'm just asking that you give the quiet sister a chance.  She's got a nice smile and a sparkling personality.

Post written by our first guest writer, Jory Cannon.

Jory Cannon is a Solicitor General's wife who holds a Master's Degree is Library Media.  She is the mother of two precious children - a daughter who is twelve and a son who is eight.  She is an avid volunteer and always lends a hand to those in need.  And, she can decorate an amazing Angry Birds cake in buttercream frosting alone.  That takes talent, people.