Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Doesn't that title just make you happy?

Somebody cue She's Crafty by the Beastie Boys!  Because really - what says "Christmas" more than the Licensed To Ill album?   What.  You're still listening to Bing Crosby?  Sheesh.  Forget it. 

This is easier than it looks because:

1) This idea is totally "borrowed".  Go to Bakerella and check out their recipe for Cowboy Cookies.  See those adorable pink and brown Cowgirl Cookie jars?  All you have to do is change the fabric colors and buy red and green M&Ms and voila! - Christmas Cookies
2) If you bake at all, then you probably have most of these ingredients in your pantry.  If you're like me, then you probably need to make a special trip to Kroger. 

General Tips: 

  • I went to Hobby Lobby and bought jars at 50% off.  I think I paid about $2.50 for each jar.  If they are not 50% off, then go to Hobby Lobby's website and sign up to receive email coupons.  They will send you a 40% off coupon immediately.    
  • Any jar will do, really.  But I suggest that you use one with a wide opening because pouring all that flour and sugar can get messy. 
  • It takes very little fabric and ribbon.  I bought 1/2 yard of fabric and only used about half of it to make two jars.  A spool of  ribbon was about $2, and I had plenty leftover.
  • I snagged the labels off Bakerella's site.  But your's look completely different, you say?  Well, here's how I did it....

Label Tips: 

  • Hit Print Screen to save the jar image to your computer.  
  • Use Microsoft Paint to paint over the label image and change the colors to match your fabric.
  • Upload your edited label to Picnik to add text (I used Like I Loved Ya font).  I even added that fancy-schmancy ornament using their Stickers feature. 
  • I printed the label on regular typing paper and then glued it to cardstock paper to add stability.  
  • I didn't glue anything to the jars.  I used tape so that my family could easily remove the labels and fabric and re-use the jar.  Or even better: re-gift it!
  • Be sure to add the instructions label to the backside of your jar so that the reciptant knows how to actually make the cookies.  Otherwise, it's just a decoration.  I "borrowed" mine straight from Bakerella since it was already white. 

Bow Tips:

For years, my bows were u-g-l-y and they ain't got no alibi!  (Well... except that they were last seen with me).  My aunt taught me a little trick and now my bows look FABULOUS!
  • It doesn't matter which way you make your first knot in the shoestring bow (from the right or from the left - it doesn't matter).  What is important is which "rabbit ear" loop you make first.  Always start with the side that ends up down/ lowest/ underneath your first knot.  If you do, then your bow will always be perfect, dahling.   
  • I know.  That was pretty confusing.  YouTube it.  I'm sure there's a video.  If not, let me know and I'll make one.  I've always wanted to go viral.  And not just for that unfortunate college incident. 

This also makes a great Valentine's gift or Teacher's Gift, by the way.