Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drew's Stage Performance: A Story In Pictures

Drew doesn't demand the attention of the room.  He doesn't long to feel the warmth of stage lights upon his skin.  He doesn't live for the sound of applause coming from an audience of admirers.

He's more of a sit-in-the-corner-and-hope-that-nobody-notices-me-taking-apart-this-remote-control kind of kid. 

After Drew's performance with the Preschoolers Choir at church on Sunday, one person said to me, "Well.  He clearly doesn't LOVE the stage like his Mommy does.  I guess we can't all be stars."

Huh?  I have no clue what she was talking about.


Whoo hoo!  I can't wait to sing Christmas songs!  I'M GONNA ROCK THE HOUSE, Y'ALL!

Hey - she's kind of cute.  I wonder what she's doin' later...

Shut UP!  Is that my Mommy out there?!

It IS my Mommy!  Hey, Mommy!

Mom, have you ever seen anybody play the jingle bells like this before?  I didn't think so.  
I'm freakin' Paul McCartney up here.  I OWN this stage. 

But, wait.  My Mom's out there and I'm up here.  On stage.  And there's people.  And they're watching me.

Maybe I can escape!  I'll make a run for it!...  Drats.

Mom, it's me, Drew.  Remember me?  SAVE ME NOW.

Caitlyn's not scared to sing on the mic?  HOW IS SHE DOING THAT?  How is she doing that.

I knew I should have gone with the Shepard's costume!  Pfft. Moo.

Is this not the LONGEST version of Go Tell It On The Mountain that you have ever heard?  
C'mon, kids!  Wrap it up!  That remote control isn't going to dissemble itself, ya know.