Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If you Pinterest, then you might find this pinteresting

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!  Oh, how I love you.  Oh, how I hate you.  Oh, how did I ever live without you?

You are such a waste of my time, yet somehow, I still feel productive because this is research.  Besides, it's an emergency.  I've got three Christmas placemats, some twine, a gallon of chalkboard paint, AND I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME OUT OF THIS CRAP.

Pinterest is a beautiful, little place where an hour feels like a minute.  Where everybody can be Martha Stewart, Paula Deen and all those DIY deisngers rolled into one.  Where everything is easy, attainable - and most importantly - stealable.

Now - not everything you see on Pinterest is a good idea.  Sometimes they're just ideas.    

Like the "spaghetti dogs" also known as "the dinner that made us vomit".

Actual pin on Pinterest

And Brian wasn't nearly as excited about these shorts as I was.  HEY.  I LEARNED HOW TO CROCHET JUST FOR THIS PIN.  A little appreciation would be nice. 

Actual pin on Pinterest 

What did I do before Pinterest?  Did I... dare I say it... THINK?

But coming up with my own idea is so much work!  Surely there's some Master Crafter/ Professional Photographer who can hook me up.  My time is valuable.  That Grey's Anatomy isn't going to watch itself, you know.

Before Pinterest, I lost a month of my life planning my daughter's camping themed birthday party.  I made my own serving pieces out of painted trays and candlesticks.  I built miniature tents from cardboard boxes covered in fabric.  I baked a batch of cake pops that robbed me of my sanity, patience and what was left of my youth.

But after Pinterest, I can easily find someone else to do all the work for me!  Hello, McDreamy and McSteamy!

Sure. Pinterest is free, but you still pay a price.  Because now when you steal an idea off the web, everybody knows... 

Before Pinterest:
"Amanda, I would have never thought of turning an old paint bucket into an arts & crafts caddy for my kids.  You are SO creative!"
"Oh, thanks!"
After Pinterest:
Amanda, your arts and crafts caddy is so cute! *smile*  Don't you just love Pinterest?  

By the way, "Don't you just love Pinterest?" actually means "You didn't think of this idea yourself.  I know because I pinned it, too."

And everybody gives credit to "Pinterest" instead of the person who actually came up with the idea.  Example: I love my new headband holder!  Thanks, Pinterest!  But remember - a website can't make a flower vase out of an old salad dressing bottle, masking tape and some shoe polish.  Only soccer Moms can do that.

I am only eight pins away from Pinterest rehab, but my daughter doesn't know a thing about the site.  She doesn't spend countless hours pinning ideas that she will never try.  Instead, she relies on her own creativity and imagination.

And... this is the result.

The sign says, "Weekly Message: Don't buy expensive duct tape and  just waste it.  Check back next week for a new weekly message from The Braid Company, Inc."

I don't know anything about "The Braid Company, Inc.", but hopefully they're willing to repaint Bailey's door when we pull that tape down.

Don't worry - I already know what you are going to ask before you even ask it.  YES!  Of course you can repin Bailey's door!  Just put it on your board beside the spaghetti dogs and crocheted shorts.

What?  You want to pin werdyab?  Why, sure!  Go right ahead and Pin It