Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Rank

Today's post is sponsored by the letters E and D.  See the importance of adding them to the end of the title?

That's right, everybody.  I'm ranked!  (Not rank. Because that's kind of gross and I would never admit it.)  

My blog is ranked #4 on Top Mommy Blogs best newest blogs list! This is even better than the year that I got a gray AND a white Members Only Jacket for Christmas.  Awwww yeah! 

So, if you like this blog, would you please vote for it?  Actually, even if you don't like it, it's cool.  You can vote anyway.  Nobody will ever know that it was you.  

Click on the banner below.  That's it.  Just click.  The site tracks traffic from my web address.  Saying YAY! after voting is completely optional.

You can vote once per day or use different web browsers to vote multiple times per day.  Because really, what's the fun of winning if you don't cheat?

And if you are feeling generous, could you please vote on another website?  Yes?  Awesome!

On Babble, my blog is currently ranked 4,987,374.... well, you get the idea.  Two clicks are involved in this vote.  Just think of it as a good workout.  You'll be burning more calories than I will today.

Just go to Babbles Best Mom Blogs List and click that you like "werdyab".  Please make sure you that are looking at the alphabetical list. 

Do you know why I put werdyab in quotes?  Because without them, werdyab fell a couple hundred pages down the alphabetical list (I knew I should have named my blog aaaaaaaaaaaawerdyab).  But by simply adding the quotation marks, I moved it up to fourth on the list.

Cheat to win, people.  Cheat to win.  If other bloggers start to figure this out, my new blog name will be !werdyab.  Take that, cheaters!

Thanks for voting, but most importantly, thanks for reading.  I'm just kidding.  It's way more important that you vote.