Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm creating the English language... one post at a time

Remember in my Toddlish post when I said that I was going to tell Urban Dictionary about the word that I made up?  Well, I did.  And they published it.

And I'm pretty sure that Urban Dictionary is a precursor to the Oscars. YEESSSS!

Get excited, people!  This is as close to famous as I'm ever going to get!

Hmmm....I wonder if Ellen is interested in my story....  Surely making up a new word is as cool as a princess preschooler singing Nicki Minaj songs.  I tweeted Ellen and I'm sure that her people are on it.  I'll keep you posted on my television appearance.

In in the meantime, the best way that you can help me is to incorporate "toddlish" into your everyday language as much as possible.  The road to fame is a long one, but we can make it together.

Don't worry.  When I'm a big star, I'll still totally remember the little people.  I'll have my assistant FedEx you an edible arrangement or something.

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