Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Happy 2be Here

Have you ever wished that you bought a Vera Wang dress before they were sold in every high-dollar boutique?  Or how about some Abercrombie & Fitch jeans before every teenager's butt crack was hanging out of them?

Well, here's your chance.

I want to tell you about an amazing clothing line called Happy 2be Here out of Nashville, Tennessee.   They sell tees, tanks, hats, and accessories for men, women, and babies.  The materials are all-organic and 10% of their profit is donated to the Room to Read foundation, which promotes children's education.

You're helping the environment by shopping.  Talk about a win-win!

The Signature Tee is my favorite shirt!  It's the most comfortable thing that I own AND I get to impress my friends by telling them about an up-and-coming fashion line.  Because let's be honest  - if you can't impress your friends, then what's the point?

We're Happy 2b Here cheering on Bailey at her softball game!

I also have the Signature Tank and my kids love to model their Beanies.

Strike a pose.  There's nothin' to it. 

Drew lived in the Organic Baby Line when he was little.  In fact, go to their website and check out the toddler hottie on the home page.  You just can't hide handsome.

Drew's modeling debut

I'm so excited about receiving my new Love the Possibilities Tee in the mail today!  I'm lovin' the possibilities of wearing this to the grocery store - or maybe even the mall - if I can get it away from my dog, Belle.

Each tee is hand-packaged with love

When you wear H.2.B.H, the calories don't count, the weather is always sunny and 75 degrees and the world is perfect.  Okay, not really.  But pretty close.

It's more than just a brand.  It's a movement. Get happy!