Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Postcards from Parenthood

Mondays with Mac challenged a few bloggers to make "postcards from parenthood".  Well that sounds like fun!  I'm in!

I only have one little problem.  What I want to write doesn't fit on a tiny postcard.  I'M A BLOGGER FOR CRYING OUTLOUD.  So let's just pretend that my postcard is 36 x 24, okay?

Photo courtesy of silvblogg

Greetings from Parenthood!  

The flight here was a long one!  Just after takeoff, I felt really queezy and we experienced some turblance, but that subsided about halfway through the flight.  I don't know what it was about those in-flight meals, but I couldn't stop eating.  By the time we arrived, I was so big that I couldn't see my feet anymore.  Oh, and I want to warn you about the landing: Buckle up because it can be rough.  During my first trip to Parenthood, the flight attendant offered me a cocktail called an "epidural" (must be French), but I didn't want to drink and fly.  BIG MISTAKE.  (Drink the cocktail.)

I'll never forget the moment when I walked through those big, heavy doors and I saw my first glimpse of this new land called Parenthood.  I was so scared!  Everything felt new.  And different.  And fragile.

It didn't matter how many books I had read, once I stepped off the plane, I realized that I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I made some mistakes, but I learned from them.  I also learned that in this new land, I had a God-given ability to know exactly what was wrong with my traveling companion.  It's like a superpower.  And you will have it, too.  You just have to trust it.  

Many people will offer advice about how to live in Parenthood.  Listen to them, but don't be scared to do what you think is best.  Each experience in Parenthood is unique and different.

People who say that New York is the "city that never sleeps" have obviously never traveled to Parenthood!  The natives warned me to sleep before I got here, but you can't stock up on sleep like Doomsday Preppers do with cans of Spam.  Instead, just ask for help.  A quick nap in the hammock will help you feel like running on the beach again.  And calling housecleaning to tidy up your hotel room is never a bad idea.

It's so hard to leave the resort once you get here.  Because no matter where you go, you will take a piece of Parenthood with you.  You'll call.  You'll worry.  And you'll decide that no overpriced lobster bisque is worth missing your traveling companion that much.  So enjoy romantic getaways now.  And eat lots of lobster bisque.

The artwork here in Parenthood is more beautiful than anything at the Vatican or the Louvre.  It's priceless treasures like fingerpainted sunshines or macaroni necklaces.

Parenthood is a gorgeous place with white, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.  You will try to sit under an umbrella and enjoy the scenery, but there's too much work to do.  It will be the hardest, most rewarding work of your life.

As you stand barefoot on the sand, you might see a storm in the distance.  It could be Tropical Storm Bullying or Hurricane Leukemia - but whatever the struggle - you would do anything to provide shelter from that storm - including giving your own life if you could.  It will be a love like you've never known.

See that little row boat on the postcard?  Everybody gets one when they arrive in Parenthood.  Sometimes you will look at the small boat and the big waves, and you'll feel so scared and alone.  But here's the good news about that little boat - it can expand to hold your entire world in it:  A spouse or partner, family, friends, love, support, patience, understanding, and even more traveling companions.  You are never alone in Parenthood and there's always room for just one more.

Enjoy your trip!  I think you're going to love it here.


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  1. I loved this post! Thank-you for sharing! And I would never expect a blogger to fit his/her thoughts on a 4 x 6! I haven't seen any artwork here yet but I am so looking forward to that first trip to the museum!

    1. Thanks, Kristin! This was a fun challenge. :) Oh, and just you wait! Those macaroni necklaces are DIVINE.

  2. This is terrific! I loved every word, and it describes motherhood perfectly!

    1. I loved your Vegas postcard, Jennifer! I definitely had a few mornings where I was all like, 'What happened last night? And where did this tiger come from?' ;)

  3. Yes! Drink the cocktail!
    I really enjoyed this post, it was a great read. :-)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Definitely learned my lesson on the cocktail!

  4. This was great! I even got a little teary... Definitely would give my life to shelter my babies!

    Of course the emotional-ness could be a direct result of the "city that never sleeps" that is Parenthood.

    1. Thank you, Adrienne! The sleeplessness made me a hot mess, too. My daughter didn't sleep through the night until after her 3rd birthday (yes, you read that right.). This did two things: 1) Made me cry at every Kodak commercial and Lifetime movie 2) Qualified me for Sainthood. :)

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