Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day of School

Bailey woke up to an alarm clock and styled her own hair.  She packed her school bag and then her lunch.

She said, "Mama, will you get too emotional if I ride the bus instead of you driving me?"

Uhmmm, YES.

But instead, I said, "No, baby, that's fine.  You can ride the bus if you want."

We walked outside, and I snapped one quick photo with my iPhone.

She didn't give me a kiss or a hug.  Instead, she just smiled and I smiled back.

She quickly turned and walked up the hill.  Her freshly curled hair was bouncing on her shoulders.  She carried a small black purse in her hand.

I watched my 6th grader climb into the school bus from across the street.  I was careful not to wave or shout "Have a good day!" or breathe or do anything else that might embarrass her.

INSTANT FLASH BACK.  Bailey's first day of Kindergarten.  Princess backpack.  Purple bow in her hair.  A smile full of baby teeth.  A tiny little hand holding mine as we walked through those big hallways.

Wasn't that just yesterday?

Bailey and her cousins when she was in Kindergarten.

So I did what any mother would do in this situation.  I cried and ate waffles.

Yep, that's how my day started off.  And that was BEFORE I took Drew to his first day of Pre-K.

These schools should really consider handing out vodka and Xanax at the door.

When I woke Drew up this morning, he shouted, "I don't like Pre-K!  I like SLEEP!"  That's my boy.  He finally climbed out of bed based on promises of waffles and video games.

Hey, do I know how to charm the fellas or do I know how to charm the fellas?

Oh, did you think I actually cooked those waffles?  Sorry to disappoint.  I promised my kids a good breakfast on the first day of school.  I did not promise them I would cook it.

Waffle House does To Go orders and they're open 24 hours a day.  Remember that the next time you want to impress your children or your in-laws.  My hashbrowns taste just like Waffle House's?  Really? Well, I'll be. 

And hopefully, their waffles are better than their light bulbs.


Since Drew has a November birthday, he has two more years until he starts Kindergarten.

The English to Werdyablish translation:  "WHAT?  I have to pay daycare for an extra year?!  I wish I'd thought about this on Valentine's Day, 2008."  *wink*

Drew's school was nice enough to move him into the Pre-K room early.  It's especially good considering that Drew has become so snobby about kids who aren't potty trained.

"I don't like to play with William because his butt always stinks like poop."  - Drew, last week.

So this means that Drew will have two years in Pre-K.

This morning, I felt like I should do him a solid and say, "Listen, dude - go ahead and color outside the lines and try putting a round peg in a square hole.  No matter what you do, you're getting held back this year."

When we walked into his classroom, the children were sitting completely still and quiet.  Nobody made a sound.  Seeing all those perfectly behaved 4-year-olds kind of scared me a little.

So I have two questions for Drew's teacher:
1) What kind of drug did you give those kids?
2) Where can I get it?

Drew turned to me and said, "Bye, Mama!  I've got to go to Pre-K now."

And just like that, he was gone.  No tears.  No hugs.  No clutching my left leg until it loses circulation.  Just "Bye, Mama!"

Check out this pile of I'm still 3 but I'm in Pre-K anyway cuteness.

It's been an emotional first day of school.  Not for the kids.  No, they were fine.  It was emotional for me.

Growing up is tough on us Moms.

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  1. tears.. and my baby is only 8 months. I have sometime to prepare my self emotionally. :)

  2. awwwwww........ My "baby" starts his SENIOR year TOMORROW :-( sniff sniff. I'm DEFINITELY not allowed to be emotional!! :-p

    1. A senior?! Wow. I bet it seems like kindergarten was only yesterday.

  3. LOL BFF you are so funny!! How cute and sad!! Growing up is hard on us momma's! My oldest Elijah (who will be 4 in October) is starting to get hair on his legs!!!! I noticed this the other day at the doctor's office! I wanted to cry... but of course this turned into a conversation... and ever since I told him I was going to cry because hair on his legs meant he was growing up- that's all he can talk about..."mommy, when I get all grown up like you- I'm gonna take Micah (his little brother who is 2) to swim lessons and he will have to sit in the back and I will drive him, ok?" for example... I've heard tons of these stories in the past few days!! What he doesn't realize is I really will be crying!! He thinks I'm just being funny!!

    1. BFF, sometimes you gotta laugh or cry. And sometimes, you gotta do both. :)

  4. When my oldest (who is 7 and starting second grade next month) started Kindergarten, I started crying in MARCH! I keep asking my two boys to stop growing up but they refuse to listen. Stinkers! :-)

    1. They grow up no matter how much we try to convince them otherwise. Stinkers is right! :)

  5. Who starts school in early August?

    1. We start on August 1 every year. It's hard going back in the middle of the summer, but we get an extra week off in September and in February + some Mondays here and there. I really like it better.

  6. So strange to read of a "new school year" starting the second half of the year... :) In South Africa our school year starts mid January .... the quaters are as follows: Term one 01.18.12 - 03.30.12 Term two 04.10.12 - 06.22.12 Term Three 07.16.12 - 09.28.12 Term four 10.08.12 - 12.07.12 - So we have four little holidays throughout the year. (Thought that might be interesting to share :)) Kai will be 1 in 8 days time, and I keep looking at him, and thinking REALLY? Its been a year? How did THAT happen? Last year today, I was off on my 5 months maternity leave! And now I am putting the final touches on Kai's first birthday and praying he gets better from his current bout of flu.

    1. Kammi, thanks for sharing that! So interesting! There was a lot of talk about us going to year-round school sessions a few years ago, but nothing ever came of it. Hope that sweet baby Kai is feeling better soon!

  7. This brought tears to my eyes! I blogged about my daughter turning 1.5 years old today and this just put it in perspective more. And I agree Vodka and Xanax would do the trick for sure...I hope by the time my love bug is in school they implement that policy. Hope your day gets better and they come home happy!

    1. They grow up so fast! I can't wait to read your post about your precious little one. :)

  8. OMG, we have the same life. My daughter is starting 6th grade and my son should start Pre K. He should but I'm too cheap (it's $240 a month) and I will miss my little sweeters too much. (kill me)

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