Saturday, September 15, 2012

Disney or Bust

If you need to get in touch with me this week, sorry, I'm unavailable.  I'm on a plane bound for Disney World!  Yay!

The last time that I went to Disney World was in 2008.  Bailey begged us to take her before she was "too old to enjoy it".  And at the crusty old age of seven, we were a little worried that her best years were behind her, so we decided to go.  

I was 7-months pregnant at the time.     

But it's cool because I'm tough and I can take it.  Besides, this trip will probably barely even kill me.   

Drew's first trip to Disney World.  Think he remembers it?

The first day went great.  
"It's a little warm but that breeze is nice."
"It feels so good to get some exercise." 
"Oh, look!  Bailey is meeting Cinderella!!"
*wiping sentimental tear*   "I'm so glad that we decided to come to Disney World!"
Our bug glasses from Animal Kingdom

I was a little more tired on the second day...  
"What's the temperature again?  90 degrees?! You've got to be kidding me."  
"Brian, will you take Bailey on the next couple of rides and I'll just wait for you here?"  
*tearing up from exhaustion*  "Maybe we could go in a little early today?"

I'm giving that pumpkin a run for its money!

By the third day, it was getting ugly. 
"My back is KILLING ME!  I can't even get out of bed!  How the hell am I supposed to walk around Disney if I can't get out of bed?" 
"It feels like a freaking oven out here!  How do people live in this horrible place?"
"I don't give a crap if Mickey Mouse spoon-feeds me Rocky Road ice cream, I'm not walking all the way to that tent."
*sobbing*  "Why did I come to Disney World pregnant??  WHY was I so stupid?!  WHY... Why?!"

See that fake smile?  It's the same one that you smile right before you start crying from exhaustion.  NOT THAT I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE OR ANYTHING.

By the fourth day, I rented a Rascal to wheel around the park
"This is the best 50 bucks that I've ever spent."

Do you know that there's not one single photograph of me riding that motorized chair around the park?  I must have threatened somebody (ahem, Brian) within an inch of his life if he snapped a pic of me riding that ridiculous thing.   (Sorry, baby.  It was just the hormones talkin'.)

So here's the thing about going to Disney World during your last trimester: It will ruin a pregnancy faster than you can say, "M-I-C...K-E-Y...M-O-U-S-E".

Shortly after returning to Georgia, I started having chest pains.  Then that Disney trip became known as the precursor to cardiologist visits, hospitalizations, heart monitors, medications, bed rest, premature labor and an emergency c-section.

In short, Mickey Mouse can kiss my butt! 

But I'm hoping that Mickey and I can start over this week.  Maybe we can spend some time together, and I don't know, grab a Starbucks or something.

I'm willing to forgive him for making me have too much fun if he's willing to forgive me for drawing all those mustaches and devil horns. 

Sorry, Mickster.

I'm looking forward to a totally-not-pregnant trip to Disney World.   I think we're going to have a blast!  There's nothing better than spending a fun week with my family.

Until I return from the land of Mouse, 

P.S. Any good wishes that you can send to Mickey that he doesn't kick me out of the park on sight would be greatly appreciated!

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