Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIN $100 in the October MyShopsDiscount Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Hey, y'all! Amanda, here. Wanda from MyShopDiscounts has a guest post for you today with a twist! The kind of twist that has $100 attached to it. (Hubba, hubba.) Stop by The Review Stew and Obviously Marvelous this week to collect your clues to WIN. Please check out the contest rules and Wanda's hilarious guest post below. Entering is easy and winning is fun! Good luck! ~Amanda

Win $100 with The October MyShopDiscounts Blog Scavenger Hunt:

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(Today’s clue is at the end of this post)

When kids curse, I step out of the car and yell, part 1

My eight- year- old daughter, Clay, dropped an "F" bomb at the dinner table and I almost choked on the lasagna. It took all of my willpower to prevent myself from exploding into a violent rage. Then, when the storm in my head passed, I did what every responsible parent would've done. First, I asked her where the first "F" bomb was dropped.

"During recess," Clay said.

"That's a very, very bad word, Clay," I said.

Second, I went to plan A:

"Children who use that word are put on Santa's naughty list."

"Santa isn't real, mommy."

"And where did you hear that?"


Then, I set some consequences.

"Every time I hear you use that word, I'm canceling ten television channels."

From the disappointed look on her face, I figured that maybe I had triumphed. Only maybe, because Clay is just like me. We're stubborn, unpredictable, resistant to good advice, persistent in our beliefs, clever (always plotting a plan B) and we both think television has far too many channels, anyway.

Actually, I could almost see the shrug in her eyes.

"As your mom, I'm commanding you to remove that word from your vocabulary, forever."

"Okay, mommy. Don't hurt the television, please."

The beautiful thing about Clay is that, as stubborn as she is, she listens to me. I must've done something right.

"And Santa Claus is real," I said, closing the "F" bomb conversation.

The next day, as I picked Clay up from school, I overheard another "F" bomb being dropped in the distance. I knew I wasn't hearing things, because Clay and I made eye contact (the kind of eye contact exchanged between two people and one strange odor in an elevator).

"Not me," she said immediately, defensively.

I hopped out of the car and squinted at a congregation of older kids standing outside the bus stop.

"Who said that?" I cried out in my angry voice. They looked back and laughed. A few parents stared at me. I realized how pathetic and strange I looked standing on the sidewalk looking for a perpetrator no one else acknowledged.

Is this what the world has come to? Ladies and gentleman, has our society been soaked with so many cuss words and graphic images that it has become normal to hear kids dropping "F" bombs? Not in my world. I, for one, will not stand by and have our kids' virtues soiled.

"Mom," Clay whispered from the passenger seat window. "You're embarrassing me."

I stepped into the car with a dense cloud of silence. We drove home with that silence in the car. During dinner, Clay looked up from the asparagus on her plate.

"What other words shouldn't I say?" she asked.

I blinked, at a total loss for words. In this case, a total loss for cuss words.

(To be continued...)

Yes, this is a cliffhanger, people! Don't we all need a little suspense in our lives? What would you guys do in my shoes (size 8 1/2)? Leave a comment and don't forget read part 2 on! Here’s today’s clue:

Wednesday’s clue: “Life”

____ is ___ of _____________ and ____________

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