Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Get Quippsy

This is a sponsored post by Quippsy, but all opinions are 100% mine. Click HERE for your free gold membership.

As you might have read here and here, I was an emotional wreck last week.  I had so much clutter in my brain, I was this close to being featured on an episode of Hoarders.  This close.

A website named Quippsy.com contacted me about doing a promotional piece.  I started reading about Quippsy and realized that the timing was perfect.

See, when I was going coo-coo and thinking that I might die and stuff, I thought about my blog.  I thought about how wonderful it was that I documented so many special moments and memories.

But I won't keep this blog forever.  And most people don't blog or journal at all.  So how can we quickly and easily document special conversations with our children?

Quippsy.com has the answer!

The website creator told me that he still enjoys reading the "funny books" that his parents kept for him and his siblings when they were growing up.

"They weren't scrapbooks as much as pure collections of quotes, things we said as off-the-cuff youngsters.  Now, years later, we can look back and laugh at the jokes and marvel in the wisdom."

He wanted to create a platform for parents to keep their children's quotes, or "quipps" as he calls them, and Quippsy was born.

Using Quippsy is as easy as 1, 2, Post.  You can login using Facebook.  But unlike Facebook, all your quotes stay in one place, so you don't have to sort through your entire timeline to find a few special statuses.

And while you're there, stick around to interact with other Quippsters by marking their posts as "cute", "smart" or "funny".

Even better?  Quippsy is absolutely free.  The basic membership gets you access to the entire site and you can post as many quipps as you want.

But Quippsy.com is hooking up Werdyab readers with a very special offer!  Upgrade to the gold membership for FREE.

Go HERE to snag your FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP.  Oh, and you can also see a pic of my family at the pumpkin patch last year.  Happy Fall, y'all!

With the gold membership, your quipps will be compiled into a memory e-book for nothing, nada, zero, zilch.  Gold members can also purchase hardbound versions of their e-book at a 10% discount.  (Psst. A perfect Christmas gift for Grandma and Grandpa!)

This week on Facebook, one of my good friends posted this:
"So this morning I told Kirsten that I wanted her to stay little forever.  She looks at me and says, "WELL, I'd really like my front teeth to grow in first.  Then I'm find with staying little forever."
Oh my gosh, isn't she adorable?  I want to bottle that kid up and take her home with me!

Another friend posted this status on Facebook after having a conversation with a 6-year-old after a softball game:
"That umpire was really bad tonight, huh?  Yeah, I hope we don't have that same VAMPIRE at our game tomorrow night."
Since my daughter also plays softball, I didn't just "like" that status, I loved it.

This is my daughter (left) and her BFF when they were 6-year-old softball players and worried about vampires (not Twilight). 

These are QUIPPS, y'all!  We hear them every day. Sometimes we write them down and sometimes we post them on Facebook, but most of the time, we just forget them.

After my recent health scare, I really saw the value in Quippsy.com.  Moments are memories and memories are moments.

This probably goes way beyond a typical promotional piece here, but when the Quippsy creator read about my upcoming surgery, he offered to let me wait until after I recovered to write the review.

How nice is he?!  Please keep in mind that I had already spent his "donation" on a new pair of shoes and a doughnut.  Ahem.  He's obviously good people.  And I love supporting good people.

So let's start quipping!  Be some of the first to say, "I remember that billion-dollar website back when..."  See ya there.

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