Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

This year, I decided to make valentines for Drew's class from an idea that I snagged off Pinterest.  Check out the valentines awesomeness below.  "I'm glad we go to school together" fish bowls with gummy fish.  Yay!

I uploaded this to Facebook, Twitter and Instragram, but I didn't (just) spend all that time and money to post braggy pics online, no sir.  It was a Valentine's Day REDEMPTION.  Read all about my Valentine's Fail from last year HERE when I almost got Drew kicked out of Montessori school because I was so so cheap and un-Pinterest-y.  Oh, the pressure!

Bailey said that she was "too old for me to make valentines" (insert tear), so she made some herself with motivational quotes and Laffy Taffy candy.  But unfortunately, every time I see Laffy Taffys, I start singing that D4L song, "shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, girl", and then I generally (ahem) shake my "laffy taffy".

Does that happen to you?  No, just me?  Oh....  Poor Bay.

I walked into work on Valentine's Day and my Dad (who is also my boss) met me in the hallway and said, "Go look at your desk".  I walked into my office and saw this:

So I said, "Who are these from?" because I wasn't sure if they were from Dad or Brian.  And Dad said, "Who do you think they're from?  YOUR HUSBAND."

Uhmmm, just for the record, I don't have a secret boyfriend or crazy stalker who I thought might have possibly sent me flowers on Valentine's Day.  But it was kind of hard to convince Dad after I clearly didn't know who sent me flowers on Valentine's Day.  And you think gossip is bad at your job/ family reunion?

Every rose has it's thorn, y'all.

But seriously, what a sweet husband, huh?  He had to make a big detour to drop by my office.  The extra effort was so sweet because it wasn't like I wouldn't see him later anyway.  He knows where I live, if you know what I mean.  

After work, Brian suggested that we go to dinner at a local sushi restaurant.  I knew it would be packed, and I was starving!, so I was leaning more toward a romantic peanut butter and jelly instead.

But when we walked in, the place was dead.  And that concerned me a little, as in, a lot.  What kind of restaurant is empty on Valentine's Day?  The bad kind, that's what.  But nobody puked, so I think we dodged a bullet.

I saw two people eating dinner by themselves at the bar.  And it just broke my heart.

Why do we feel sorry for people who are alone on Valentine's Day?  When I was single, I loved eating alone - okay, maybe not on Valentine's day per se - but the other 364 days of the year, I was totally fine with it.  But then again, I'm the person who didn't know my husband sent me flowers on Valentine's Day, so obviously, I can't be trusted.

There was one girl and one guy sitting at opposite ends of the bar, both alone, both in their twenties... I think.  I can't be sure anymore because I've reached the age when teenage girls looks like a 25-year-old bar flies.  I think it's all the milk hormones.

I really wanted to play match-maker and say, "Excuse me, sir, I see that you're alone... and, ma'am, I see that you're also alone... so, HEY, why not be alone together?"

But that would have been weird.  And my cupid costume was at the cleaners.  And five-minutes later, that lady's boyfriend/ husband/ friend/ brother/ cousin/ someonewhodidn'twanthertobealoneonvalentinesday joined her for dinner.  And that would have been uncomfortable if she was already dining with a handsome stranger in a Steelers hat.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's two bullets I dodged on Valentine's.

I absolutely love Valentine's Day!  It's a time for us to stop and give to others.  Some people do it by buying nice gifts... or making sweet cards... or giving shoulder massages... or going out to dinner.... or trying to set up total strangers.

Whatever way you chose to show it, thank you for spreading some love.  Because the world could use a little more of it.