Monday, March 25, 2013

Get your organize on with Rubbermaid!

This post brought to you by Rubbermaid® All AccessTM Organizers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you the sentimental type? I am. I would keep every tissue that my kids every blew their noses in if I could get away with it. (Dumb health code)

But I'm also a neat freak. I love for everything to be clean and tidy. And those two things do not go together like peas and carrots if you know what I mean.

Because have you ever seen that episode of Hoarders where the house was completely spotless? Yeah, me neither.

Sometimes I feel like I have a Molly Maid angel sitting on one shoulder and a hoarding-intervention-waiting-to-happen devil on the other. "Now be a good girl and throw away that napkin from your dinner date with Brian. You've saved plenty of special things, so let's get rid of that one and keep the house clutter free, mmm'kay?".... "What? Throw away something as precious as a NAPKIN FROM 2005? No. Freaking. Way. Just stick it in a drawer beside all the coupons that you'll forget about and the sales catalogs that you'll never order anything from."

I'm telling you, forget things like Batman and the Joker... Superman and Lex Luthor... Kim Kardashian and marriage counseling. The real battle of good and evil is going on at my house.

And to make matters worse, our house is on a slab, so we have no basement. Translation: no place to stick all the stuff that we'll probably never use again anyway.

But I've finally found a storage solution to my organization/ wanna be hoarding problem: Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage containers

Rubbermaid is a company that you know and trust for always providing quality, affordable, and creative storage products. And they have done it again with their new All Access storage containers.

These durable containers come in a variety of great colors, so they look great in any bedroom, playroom or bonus room. I'm going to be buying some for my closets and garage. And I'd totally buy some for my basement, too - you know - if I had one.

The containers are designed to stack on top of each other and make the most of your space. And what makes these particular containers so great is that they have a drop-down door (kind of like what's on your dryer), so you can open the containers from the front, too, accessing items without pulling the containers from stack. Your back is going to love it.

Be sure to stop by your local Walmart today to pick up a few of these handy-dandy Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage containers today!

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