Friday, September 9, 2011

I drank free coffee today

Did somebody say "free" and "coffee" in the same sentence?  Those are my two favorite words!

And that's exactly the blessing that was thrown upon me at McDonald's this morning.  Well, not literally thrown upon me.  Unfortunately.  Because I'd be totally willing to sell out my left thigh for some cold hard cash: McDonald's 1994 Lawsuit, a.k.a, How Stupid People Get Rich

I really needed coffee.  Like, if Starbucks sold an IV drip, I would have splurged for one today.  But Unfortunately, our local Starbucks is inside a Kroger and I wasn't about to walk 100 yards to get coffee.  THAT'S WHY I NEEDED COFFEE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So I went to McDonald's (and their drive-thru) instead.  As I approached the window to pay, the 19 year old cashier smiled and he said, "No charge for your coffee today, ma'am.  Have a great day."

This is a great day, indeed.  Not only did I get free coffee, but apparently, I've still got it.  Heh. Heh.

Then I realized that everybody gets free coffee at McDonald's this week.  Buzz kill.

I've searched high and low on the web for more information about this promotion to no avail. So just go to McDonald's today for a FREE cup of joe.  Tell them you heard it from me.  That should help.

And this isn't where the Free Friday story ends.

Drew's preschool hosted a Parent Appreciation Breakfast this morning complete with omelets, muffins, bagels and juice.  I took a chocolate chip muffin because when food is given to you, the calories don't count.  It's a law, I think.

The investment firm in our office building offered free lunch to all their customers today.  And even though we aren't customers, it would have been rude not to invite us.  Plus, we might have keyed their cars this afternoon.   So I had a free lunch consisting of a barbecue sandwich, Brunswick stew, potato salad and peach cobbler. Yum!

And while eating my weight in cobbler, guess what happened?  I won a door prize. Cha-ching! More free stuff. Hello, travel coffee mug.

For the past few weeks, my GMC Acadia has been making a weird clicking noise when I turn left (which is especially inconvenient at the McDonald's drive-thru), so the dealership is repairing it for me today.  Under warranty.

Free Fridays rock.  I can't wait to see who's buying me dinner.