Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drew's Christmas Redemption

About 8:45 this morning, I could not find one empty parking space at Drew's preschool.  Weird.  All the parents must be working on Amanda-time today.

While searching for a curbside space large enough to park my SUV, I saw three parents walking into the school.  They weren't dressed in their typical sweat pants or pajamas cleverly disguised as real clothes so that people won't judge them (people still judge you).  But instead, they looked like they were going to a Christmas party?  Some of them were even wearing makeup!

I walked in and saw that all the children were wearing their Christmas best: velvet dresses, argyle sweaters, patent leather shoes, and freshly pressed button-down shirts.  The girls had big bows in their curls and the boys had their hair neatly combed.  Bright red and green colors were exploding everywhere in the classroom, which perfectly matched the feeling of excitement and anticipation among the children.

Ahem.  And then there was Drew.

See - I didn't know about a Christmas anything today.  I asked his teacher how we were informed and she said, "Oh, I think they sent out an email blast about three weeks ago that we were singing Christmas songs today."

I considered saying something like, Well, I wish you had sent home a reminder note yesterday, but then I decided against it considering that EVERY OTHER PARENT OBVIOUSLY KNEW ABOUT IT.

The preschoolers walked into the gym in a single-file line.  They were smiling and waving to their parents who were anxiously awaiting the performance.

Or maybe they just looked anxious because they were sitting in preschool chairs.  There's nothing more awkward than seeing a 6'3" tall Dad trying to sit in an 18" tall plastic chair.   Luckily for me, I fit just fine.

Drew was wearing a black and gold football t-shirt, athletic pants and scuffed tennis shoes. The back of his hair was sticking up a little and I'm pretty sure that he still had some pancake syrup on his chin.

They put him front and center.  Thanks for that, by the way.

I'm sure all the parents were thinking the same thing,
Awww!  Poor Drew.  His Mommy must work all day and then come home and drink a lot of wine.  Does she ever check her email? I bet Santa doesn't even come to his house!  

But here is the important part of this story!  Drew ROCKED THE HOUSE, Y'ALL.  It was nothing like last week at church.  This was CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE REDEMPTION!  He didn't cry or try to escape once!

I think it was the syrup.