Monday, December 12, 2011

Tim Tebow

Do you know what Tim Tebow has taught us this week?  That God watches football.

It's already been established that I don't know anything about the sport, but I do listen to my husband when he talks about it (most of the time).  And Tim Tebow is quite a topic of conversation, especially after this past week's win against the Chicago Bears - my husband's favorite team. 

Now, as I understand it, it was the Bears game to lose.  But during OT, Jesus forced Barber out of bounds.   Tebow was found Tebowing on the sidelines.  Then God touched Prater's kicking leg before he fired off a successful 51-yard field goal.  Broncos win their sixth consecutive game.  Tebow media insanity ensues.


So why does the media give Tebow such a hard time for being vocal about his religious beliefs?  Because Christianity isn't cool in the left media.

Do you know that they don't even call Christmas trees Christmas trees anymore?  They call them Holiday trees now.  Oh, yeah?  Then what holiday are you celebrating?  Huh? Christmas?  Gotcha!  

Did anybody refuse to call Cassius Clay by his Muslim name of Muhammad Ali?  Nope.  
Did I pay $150 to see Madonna in concert even though she was wearing her red string Kabbalah bracelet?  Uh... does a material girl wear pink?   
And did the Wild Thing tell Pedro Cerrano to stop killing chickens in the movie Major League?  And.... now I'm hungry.

No.  Because all those are considered cool.  Well now Timmy Tebow is teaching you a thing or two about how cool it is to be a Christian.

He has almost reached Chuck Norris status at this point.  Nobody has been this interested in a white Bronco since OJ Simpson's televised police chase!

God is good.  All the time.  Even on Sunday afternoon and Monday night.  Thanks, Tebow. 

All he does is win, win, win - no matter what!