Friday, December 9, 2011

stuff I found on the web this week

The mother of all hot wheel tracks
This 2,000 foot track runs through fourteen rooms, then outside and flips over a hot tub.  My three-year-old son pooped his pants when he saw this video! Of course, that could have just been coincidental.

How to actually tie a bow that looks like a bow
My Aunt Judy sent me this link.  Do you know why? Because she understands me. Wrapping Christmas presents causes me entirely too much stress: making sure the paper pattern matches up perfectly, adding a handmade bow, making personalized gift tags.  Whew! It takes me longer to wrap the present than it does to buy it.  Please tell me there's a pill for this.

The most heart-retching story about a failed adoption
A week after her birth day, the DNA test finally came back and said no, she was not to be ours. When Andy read the results, I fell to the floor, sobbing. I had thought my heart was a fleshy, pulpy thing; I didn't know it was actually made out of blown glass. It shattered into a million pieces. I hoped that a tiny, painless shard flew into the babygirl's heart, and would be lodged there forever. I hoped that someday she would love snow, or horses, or mountains and not know why. I prayed for her to have a good life, filled with happiness, filled with love, filled with every thing, filled with every single good thing. We kissed her warm cheeks, and let her hold our big fingers in her tiny hands, and told her goodbye. Goodbye.

 Toys R Us sells a cussing baby doll?
No, this can't be true!  C'mon - of course it can.  Because the creators love a good laugh, and besides, you'll never figure it out.  Like how we didn't see the letters s-e-x written in the clouds on The Lion King and how we didn't hear the words "Good teenagers, take off your clothes" in Aladdin.  And don't even get me started on the Tele-Tubbies.

How to make a Christmas dress for your daughter
Sure, it looks easy enough, but I could find a way to screw it up.