Sunday, January 8, 2012

stuff I found on the web this week

How to get fired:  A Los Angeles journalist displayed more stormy weather than he refused to tell you about during his weather report.  Dude, talk to your doctor about a medication called Xanax. Tomorrow's Forecast: angry with a possible chance of unemployment.

An Adoption Story:  A Louisiana purse designer adopted a precious baby girl from a young woman who had once decided to abort her.  If you don't have time for the twenty-minute video, here's the condensed three-minute video version.

I'm so thankful to have this film to not only share with all of you, but to one day show Chapel how special she is.  

The most disgusting blog that I have ever read  This is a pro-Anorexia/ pro-Bulimia blog where a very sick teenager gives readers tips on how to purge, starve themselves, lie to their parents and do anything to be thin.  I got so upset reading it that I almost purged myself.  I pray that she gets the help she needs, and hopefully, that help brings a cheeseburger.

Widowed teen shoots intruder to protect infant son.  Shortly after eighteen-year-old Sarah McKinley's husband died from cancer, two men broke into her trailer attempting to steal her deceased husband's medications.  What they didn't consider was that Sarah would do anything to protect her three-month-old son.  She killed one intruder and the second one is in police custody.  Don't mess with a Mama!

Cool Song Alert: Do What's Easy by Chris Bathgate.
do what's easy/ steal every red cent out of the wishing well/ smoke cigarettes until your chest rattles like hell/ just do what's easy
waste every evening/ don't ever read and don't ever write/ never leave home and get drunk every night/ just do what's easy
hate completely/ let every wall feel the force of your fist/ forget your debts cause forgiveness exists/ just do what's easy