Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guest Writer: Leap Day

This post is from Linda - a very special guest writer.  Why is she so special?  Because she gave birth to me!  Yay for Moms!

My Mom sent me this email today and I really wanted to share it on the blog....

It's Leap Day!  Shouldn't we celebrate?
Is there a special Leap Day color?   How about a  slogan?  Did you hear one single co-worker say Happy Leap Day! today?  Where are the Leap Day parties?  Where are the Leap Day dinners?  Where are the Leap Day decorations?  Where are the Leap Day flowers or boxes of chocolate?
When the advertisers, the free enterprise system, and the capitalists completely ignore a perfectly good reason to sell diamond rings, there is proof that Leap Day gets no respect.

Even Hallmark and the Postal System are cheated.  Where is the special commemorative stamp?  Where is the Happy Leap Day greeting card?
Shouldn't Leap Day be the equivalent of FOUR birthdays, Christmases, Anniversaries, Valentines, St Patrick's Days and Mardi Gras?  
Why aren't we partying like it's 1999?  There should at least be a ball drop or something.  But instead, we get NOTHING... nada.
And there is plenty of reason to celebrate!  You don't age at all during the next 24 hours.  Everyone over the age of 30 should especially pay homage to Leap Day.
Yep.  Leap Day gets no respect.  So I think I am going to help the Leap Day celebration and gift giving business.   Who wants to go shopping?  The entire world has been deprived of a holiday for long enough.

I tried today.  After ordering my 88 point lunch at a local fast food restaurant, I shouted, "Happy Leap Day!" to the young cashier.  With a shaky voice, he backed away from the register and said, "Uh.... yeah....Happy, uh, Leap Day... or, whatever."  Then he asked the manager to come over to finish taking my order.  Well, I did try. 
I wonder why we don't celebrate this holiday?
Maybe it's because nobody got paid today.  If that's the case, then we should at least get a bouquet of black balloons with NO PAY 4 LEAP DAY printed on them.  If Occupy got hold of this thing, there's no telling what would happen.

Thanks for this post, Mom!

(I have no idea where I get my writing style from, by the way.)

Mom's email made me think,  Dang!  We should celebrate Leap Day!  It's really kind of awesome.

Hmmm.... But what does one do to celebrate Leap Day?  Leap, of course!  So we leaped all over the yard.

Then we had cupcakes, because really - don't even bother celebrating a holiday if we can't eat junk food.

Happy Leap Day!  Any day that we don't age is a very good day indeed.

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Vote and we'll celebrate Leap Day again tomorrow.  Leapfrog and cupcakes for everyone! 
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