Thursday, March 1, 2012

MOMday Mornings: Embarrassing Moments

Welcome to MOMday Mornings!

Twice a month, I will post videos that I make of REAL MOMS talking about REAL ISSUES that REAL MOMS talk about.

Here is the series debut: Embarrassing Moments.  We are talking about what Moms do to embarrass their children and what children do to embarrass their Moms.

And, uh, I don't mean to give anything away here, but I do the Roger Rabbit and sing Whomp! There It Is!  Now how's that for a teaser?  

(Clearly I've never done anything to embarrass my mother.)

Big thanks to Amber and Jenny - the Real Mom STARS of the video!  You guys were awesome!

If you've got a story that you'd like to share, please leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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  1. I laughed so hard cause I can relate. I have a 2 1/2 year old that hasn't mastered talking yet, and right now Momma is the coolest thing in the world, BUT my two teenagers on the other hand, thats a whole nother story...I get eye rolling, I get evil stares, I get 'the Mom really you're gonna wear that'? Seriously ? My fave though is 'mom you wouldnt understand cause you've never been this age'

  2. My 10 year old has just reached the age when she realizes how ridiculous I am. It's kind of sad knowing that I've officially crossed over to the other side.

  3. I think my children lived in a great parent environment. So I'm sure there wasn't a time of real embarrassment for my children. Except for maybe that one time I did the fake stumble and fall into the hotel pool fully dressed!
    But I am positive I didn't do anything too bad. Well, except for the sneeze in church that broke the sound barrier and even scared the preacher. OR.. Maybe the time I left the ladies room with tissue stuck to my shoe. Naturally it was a mile long. I honestly thought that was a joke and could never really happen in real life. But it was better than the time I went to the men's maybe a few times. But lately there hasn't been any problem. Well...except for the time I "helped" the umpire with a call. Hey! He needed my help. It was NOT a strike. How can I HELP him if I can't speak loudly enough for him to hear me. I didn't get thrown out of the that has to count for something. Then there was the time the ketchup bottle top was not screwed on at the restaurant. Shaking a bottle of ketchup without a lid will really make a mess!
    The dancing, singing, and attempting a cartwheel shouldn't count.
    I loved the video! The best was the very end....wait for it...wait for it. LOL

  4. Mom, I never viewed those things as embarrassing... I viewed them as awesome! Never a dull moment in our house! :)

  5. My 3 1/2 year old came home from a day out shopping with 2 balloons (the kind that they put on the plastic sticks). We live in London where the houses are all really close together so you can hear your neighbors and people walking up the sidewalk. Anyway, as we are walking up to the house she puts both balloons in front of her and starts shouting "I have big boobies." Funny but embarrassing.

  6. Amanda, now I totally know where you get your awesomeness (sp?) from!! Linda, great stories!
    The only down fall to the video, is Jenny should have also showed us her dance moves... It's not embarrassing after all.. LOL
    Great job! Can't wait for more!!!

  7. Hey cuz- I just watched this and my eyes are still watering from laughing so hard!!! When I was a kid, my greatest source of amusement was embarrassing my mom...on a daily basis! Mom would always pinch me on the leg or arm when I was saying or doing something embarrassing. My response would always be (as loudly as possible), "Why are you pinching me??? I heard you say/do it first." She finally gave up on trying to control me or my the age of 8! =)

    Remind me to tell you the "Mommy, are you going to beat the sh!t out me?" story the next time I see you! Let's do lunch again ya! -Jason

  8. Oh this brings me back. I remember one time I went with my mom to Wal-Mart. Normally, she's one of those who always makes sure she has make-up on and is dressed well.. That day wasn't one of those days. This day, she decided on a lovely stained t-shirt, some pink fuzzy pajama bottoms, and old-lady looking houseshoes. This ensemble perfectly complimented the ratty bedhead she was sporting as well.
    Normally you'd think this would be enough to make me want to run out in front of the speeding cars in the parking lot, but no... So we're in Walmart; me, naturally, following about 30 feet behind her. Her, naturally, wondering why I'm walking so slow and every so often saying (read: screaming) "CHERYL, HURRY UP!!! WHY ARE YOU WALKING SO SLOWWWWWWW!?!?!?!?!" I thought all this was bad until she spotted a clearance buggy full of flip-flops. Where were these flipflops located you ask? Oh, well they were front and center of the store right in front of the registers, you know where everyone can witness this bucket of hot mess-ness.. Needless to say, she attacked that buggy like there was freaking gold at the bottom, while yelling emphatically, "CHERYL, COME CLOSER!!!!!! LOOK AT THESE SHOES!!!!!" Needless to say, I could have killed her then and there.