Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey Drew (Hey Jude Parody)

Remember when I made up the word toddlish and Urban Dictionary published it?

Toddlish is the language that toddlers speak, which resembles English, but is much cuter.

Toddler: I hungie, Mama.  Whas in da fridger-fridger da eat?
Mama's Friend: What did he say?
Mama: Oh, he said that he's hungry and he wants to know what we have in the refrigerator to eat.  It's okay.  I speak fluent Toddlish.

Drew inspired that new word.  And here's an example of Drew's toddlish at its finest.

Each Sunday, Drew colors a picture in the church nursery and then brings it home in a small paper bag with his name on it.

But this week, instead of Drew's bag saying Drew, it said Jude.  Ahem.

Awwww!  Bless his little toddlish speakin' heart!

I busted out laughing when I saw that thing!  I turned to Brian and said two words: Beatles parody.

But first, I had to dig through the attic to find my old keyboard.  Then I had to go to the store and buy a gazillion D-batteries because I couldn't find the power cord for it.  But it still worked!  Yay!  I was surprised because I hadn't played it in 5 or 6 years.  And when I took it out of the attic, it was so hot that you could have fried on egg on it.  Breakfast, anyone?

So needless to say, I'm a little rusty.

But it came right back to me!  (Lie.  I could barely find center C on the stupid thing.)
And I started playing Hey Jude by ear!  (Lie. I watched a YouTube Tutorial.  Three times.)
Then I recorded this in only one take! (Lie. This is the 10th take.  The first 9 involved me screwing up the chords or forgetting the words or usually both.  Finally, I just gave up and used this one.)

Just close your eyes and imagine Paul McCartney singing it instead.  Actually, don't close your eyes.  If you do, then you won't be able to read the words.  So keep your eyes open, but still imagine the whole Paul McCartney thing.

And personally, I think Drew Penny Lane Sgt. Pepper Yesterday Let It Be Hohenbery has a nice ring to it, don't you?  (Don't worry.  You'll get it in a minute.)

If this player doesn't work on your phone, click here to watch on YouTube

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  1. Not bad for being so "rusty"! :o) Loved it!!

    1. It's seriously a miracle that I got through that song! :)

  2. Cute! Still want to hear your version of a few Taylor Swift tunes ;) Maybe a parody of Mean or Tim McGraw is in your future???

    1. I actually wrote a parody of Tim McGraw called "Faith Hill" a couple of years ago. ;) Maybe that will be my next live performance. ;)

  3. You have got to be to the coolest mom... that was great!! I so need you for a BFF!! You are hilarious and so talented! Well done Amanda!!

    1. We can be BFFs as long as you promise that we can get cool matched bracelets or necklaces. :) My daughter is so into those right now. She has her BFF just got matching pickle necklaces... one says 'best' and one says 'friends'. Not sure how the pickle ties in there, but we can think of something great! :)

  4. I'm really enjoying your blog and have tagged you with the Fabulous Blog Ribbon over at my blog. I hope you'll join in on the fun.

    1. Thank you, Lonna! Love your blog! And if you ever want Tim Burton taken care of, just let me know. I've got people.

  5. No I'm claiming the BFF status...since we have a overplanned birthday party/Publix cake connection (got one in the garage fridge for my daughter's party tomorrow), plus I am only 2.5 hours away (well it depends on how backed up the east side of 285 gets when I get to it...I always manage to hit it at the wrong time...darn me looking at my husband and saying "You know what I want for dinner tonight, The Marietta Diner" and our crazy butts will drive up there to eat). Of course, I try to plan this out in advance, unlike the time we decided to go to IKEA at 5 in the afternoon, got stuck in I-75/I-20 traffic, amde a wrong turn trying to avoid the traffic backup and walked into IKEa only to hear "IKEA will be closing in 45 minutes." FASTEST. IKEA. BROWSE. EVER!!!

    Anyway, loved the song. And definitely want to hear that "Faith Hill" parody mentioned in above comments.

    1. Girl, you were practically in my backyard! And yes, the Publix bakery connection is too strong for us to deny. BFFs for-EVA!

  6. What a creative and talented girl you are! Beautiful voice too. (And I can actually sing, so I'm not just giving hollow props.) Eeee, I would love to have you for a fun friend, but alas, Atlanta is aways away. :( I'll just enviously drool over your blog, but know that I would TOTALLY do a Twins video with you. ;)

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