Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guest Writer: Kindergarten Conversations

A good friend of mine's son started kindergarten this week, and she shared their conversation on Facebook.  I busted out laughing when I read it, so I asked her if I could post it on my blog so you could LOL, too.  Kids are so awesome.

A: "Hey! So how was your day?"
H: "Not good."
A: "Oh no, why wasn't it good?"
H: "Just wasn't.  Are you sure this is the best school for me?"
A: "I think so, do you not?"
H: "I really feel like I need a school that has a full hour of recess and less time for learning."
A: "Sorry bud, I'm pretty sure most schools are the same."
H: "Plus I have that megaphone ringing in my ear from the lady that calls the car riders, 'Ansley #167, Ansley #167, Ansley # 167!'  I don't know why those kids can't just go the first time and she has to say it so many times.  Those things are way too loud."
A: "Did you hear your name called?"
H: "Yep.  And apparently, I made a new friend that's a girl.  Her name is Cheyenne, but not the Cheyenne that you know.  I was singing and she thought it was funny.  She helped me scare off the 1st graders.  But, she also said that she's a country girl but she is scared of playing in the dirt.  I don't really know about her... or the other girl at my table who wants to be friends.  I didn't even have the energy to ask her name."
A: "You should ask her name, maybe she needs a new friend."
H: "Hmmmm.  Well, I went home on yellow today."
A: "Why did you get moved?"
H: "I wasn't paying attention in reading group.  Mrs. Luke was reading a book called Kindergarten Rocks about a kid named Dexter who was scared about Kindergarten or something, plus it got boring so she said I wasn't paying attention - but I did hear her, I just didn't want to listen."
A: "Just pay better attention next week."
H: "Well, it was the end of the day and I was over listening by then anyway."
A: "Today is Friday so no school for two days."
H: "Yeah, but can we stop talking about it?  I can't poop at that place and I gotta go."

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  1. LOL!! Thanks for sharing! Totally made my day!

    1. Thanks! I thought it was a LOL'er when I read it, too! Kids are hilarious!

  2. My randomness kept up with that just fine! lol

  3. My randomness kept up with that just fine! lol

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