Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sharper Image: The Gift Giving Anxiety Cure

This post brought to you by Sharper Image. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have gift giving anxiety?

(I do.)

It's a rare but recognized disorder where you completely freak out while shopping for the perfect gift for someone. And unfortunately, that metaphysical problem usually results in the physical problem of NOT being able to find the perfect gift for someone. And then it's gift card time again.

But several years ago, I discovered the answer to my gift giving anxiety, and that is Sharper Image.

Sharper Image is the one place where imagination, creativity, innovation, passion quality and excitement all come together.  I can always find great gifts for all my favorite people.

Sharper Image was founded in 1977 and grew to over 200 retail locations, but the company discovered that it reached even more customers through its award-winning catalog and website, becoming a truly iconic American brand. 

Since 2008, Sharper Image has moved to a website and catalog only business where customers can easily research and purchase the latest Sharper Image products online.

Even better!  You mean, I can get all the same great Sharper Image products without having to fight mall traffic or be tempted by those evil cookie kiosks?  I call that a win-win.

On their website, you will find extensive product search functionality, informative video clips, customer product reviews, convenient order tracking, access to real time toll-free customer support, and company related information.  Each customer enjoys a personalized, content-rich shopping experience.

You should check it out.  Go ahead.  It's cool.  We'll wait on it.

Awesome, huh?

I was looking through the Sharper Image website today and found a few must have products!
  • Sound Soother.  I can't sleep a wink without listening to the sounds of ocean waves or tropical rain. The Sound Smoother plays continuously all night long or you can set an auto-off timer for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  Not only does it help you sleep, but the dual alarm clocks also help you wake up.  The brushed metal finish looks great in any room and the large digital display makes it easy to read the time and sound description   It will reset itself in case of power outage or daylight savings time so you never have to miss a morning appointment, you know, unless you just want to.

  • Back Massager. Simply attach this little piece of happiness to any chair and you're ready to experience a deep-kneading shiatsu or rolling massage.  You can customize the back massager to your particular height so you can enjoy perfect R&R made especially for you.  Four independent rollers travel up and down your back for instant stress relief. Turn on the Soothing Heat feature if you want a deeper, more relaxing massage. The easy-to-use Advanced Touchpad Control features a laser-edged flat panel. A carrying bag is included so you can take your massager wherever you go!

Bluetooth Speaker. Big enough for great sound but small enough for on-the-go, the wireless speaker guarantees that you'll never have to be without your tunes.  It connects wirelessly to smartphones, laptops, and most notebooks. The speaker can be up to 30 feet away and still controlled by your device. The powerful speaker output has an integrated subwoofer for expanded bass response, making your Boom Boom Pow even Boom Boom Powier. The Bluetooth conference calling feature can be used with any smartphone. A convenient universal device holder is also included.


My birthday will be here before I know it, and I'm really hoping somebody decides to give one of those back massagers.  And in this case, "somebody" is my husband. Or maybe my parents. Or my sister. Or my BFF. You know, I'm not picky at all.

Which one of these must haves are your favorite?  Leave a comment below and join the Sharper Image conversation.

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