Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Karma Teaches Bloggers a Lesson #tbt

This week's "Throwback Thursday" is brought to you by the letters K (for karma) and I (for irony). I'd come up with an M word, but I think we've talked about Kim Kardashian enough for one week, don't you?

Do you believe in karma? I do, but mostly because it happens to me on a daily basis. I try to live the straight and narrow, honest I do, but sometimes I fall a little short. And then there goes the universe trying to teach me a lesson 'n' stuff.

Yesterday was no exception.

Remember how I wrote about The Blizzard of '93 and then somehow took a sharp, left turn into tacky 80's hair?

(Yeah, sometimes I can't even figure out how I get from Point A to Point B.)

Anyway, yesterday I posted a photo of a sweet little family who are cyber-celebs because of their tacky hair. To my credit, I cut them slack saying we all had tacky hair back then, but did I post a picture of all of us? Nope. Just them. Just the tacky cyber-celebrities. And look, I'll admit it, down deep inside, I was laughing at them.

I'm so sorry, y'all. Can I send you a bottle of wine to make up for it? What about a nice fruit basket?

So here's the thing about karma: it hates bloggers. And we sort of deserve it. Here we are, exposing the shortcomings of everyone around us to the entire world (wide web). It's pretty freakin' rude if you ask me.

And since we obviously can't figure it out on our own, karma has to step in, but each time we are brought to our knees, do we learn from it? Nah. We just blog about it the next day. (Ahem) And then karma is scratching it's head, thinking, 'What in the world can I do to teach this girl a lesson? Oh, I know! I'll try this...' But we don't learn from that, either.

What's the definition of insanity? Blogging.

Every Wednesday evening, I go by the assisted living center to have a nice, long chat with my Nana. Have I told you about my Nana before? She's only the most wonderful lady on the planet. She's smart, wise, beautiful and can bake a coconut cake like nobody's business! She's definitely somebody that you want to keep around.

Nana has several framed photos displayed in her apartment, but I noticed a new addition last night.

It was of me from 1989 wearing an Esprit sweater and bangs larger than the SUN. If it was scratch 'n' sniff, you'd probably faint from the toxic levels of Jessica McClintock perfume and Aussie Scrunch Spray.

Awesome, like, totally.

I thought it was pretty ironic to see that after writing about heinous 80's hair earlier that day. I guess karma decided to remind me of how heinous I used to look. (Thanks, by the way.)

And hey, please keep in mind that this photo was from 1989... after I started toning it down.

I'm so sorry "big haired family" for posting your photo yesterday. I think it's safe to say that I've learned my lesson.

Nah, probably not.


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