Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: I'mma Ho

Amanda Hohenbery.  That's a unique name, right?

Hohenbery isn't a name that you hear everyday, as in, my husband and his family are the only people that I've ever heard of with that name, ever.

So here's the thing about having an unusual name: people screw it up a lot.

Can't spell it.  Can't pronounce it.  Can't say it.

Here's the other thing about having an unusual name: I'm super Google-able.  Type "Amanda Hohenbery" and you won't find thousands of different people all across the country.  You'll find me.

But the upside of having a unique name is that it's a never-ending source of entertainment for me.

A couple of months ago, my sister checked the UPS website to see who signed for a package here at our office.  It was "A. Hornybaby".

And needless to say, my husband will only allow me to ship FedEx now.  Ahem

Then there was the time when both my first and last names were misspelled on my award.  Hey, there should really be an award for that.

And yesterday, when I went to eat lunch with Bailey at her school, some idiot misspelled my name on my lunch pass.  And that idiot was me.

After I noticed my accidental typo, I wished that I'd been smart enough to do it on purpose for this post.  But thankfully, the idiot blogger gods smiled upon me that day...

But the name Hohenbery never provides me with more entertainment than when I pick up a prescription at CVS.  I guess it's better to be a ho waiting than a ho picked up?

Geez, y'all.  I mean, I know my skirt is a little tighter than it should be, but did you have to call me out like that?  And if you're going to advertise it, you could have at least used a sexier font, or glitter.

I guess it's official: I'mma ho.  And now, it's kind of hard for me to argue that it's just rumor.  

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  1. Ha ha ha! Love it! My last name used to be Tjeerdsma (pronounced Church-ma). Needless to say when Fitzgerald became an option, I took it! Thanks for the laugh

    1. Uncle! :) Tjeerdsma definitely Hohenbery. We should have a most unique name contest.... Tjeerdsma is in the lead right now! :)

    2. This made me laugh so much, that I shared your status on Facebook! My dad's family will LOVE it! :) I am loving the names that people are posting. Ha!

    3. Hi again Amanda, try being me: Karmelita Borngraber! My hubby's family is ofcially the only Borngraber family in South Africa, so EVERYONE gets it wrong ALWAYS!.

  2. My niece's name is Heidi Hoefinger, she's an author...about sex workers.

    1. This is the best ever! hahaha! Now I don't feel so bad. :)

  3. Okay, husband works in a couty here in Georgia named "Taliaferro" I know, you're reading that as "Tal-a-ferro" right? Nope, it's pronounced "T-Oliver...just say Oliver with a t"

    I have taken 5 years of French (high school and college comined), and I cannot get "--oliver" out of "--ailiaferro" it does not follow the rules of french.

    Then last week, a customer came into the bank I work, whose last name was "Toliver" I made sure I was saying his name right and even double checked with him, as to how it was pronounced....after a few minutes, he knew what I was about to say and we startyed discussing "Taliaferro County"

    If you wait until tonight, I can give you weird names of my husband's students......

  4. Amazing! My name gets screwed up (both first and last) all the time, but isn't so funny. What IS funny: we keep getting mail addressed to Beef Stew. I love it.

  5. That's hilarious! At least you have a great sense of humor about it and find the entertainment value in it! ;)

  6. My nieces last name is Hohenberger, I will have to share this with them! My maiden name (Jaquiss) was always a source of interesting mispronunciations... spell check always wants to change it to Jackass! LOL! And, that is how some substitute teachers used to pronounce it. I'm so glad to be a Carter now!

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  8. I never had a problem figuring out how to pronounce Hohenbery. Or maybe I heard someone say it first so I didn't screw it up?? =)

    A lovely cousin of ours (who lives on the West Coast...hint, hint) kept her maiden name when she got married. But that probably goes over better in California than here in Georgia.

    Your last name is almost as unique as you are! =)

  9. My married name is Choisser, pronounced "so-sure". Most people pronounce it "choice-r" or "chaucer". I just normally answer to whatever people come up with that's remotely close. :)

  10. Our last name is Angus. Not hard to mess up--just like the cow, right? Nope. You'd be surprised how many people leave the "g" out.

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