Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Now Hiring Spell Check

Many bloggers do a weekly segment called Wordless Wednesday.

Because sometimes there's a photo or video that we'd like to share, but we really don't have anything to say about it.  And we don't just give away blog real estate like that.  We take that crap very seriously.

I've hesitated about adding "Wordless Wednesday" because it's not an original idea.  Actually, it might be the most unoriginal thing on my blog.  Well, except for all those Charlie Sheen jokes.  I mean, seriously, nobody can help that.

But guess what?  I drive a black SUV, I wear Uggs, and I go to Starbucks every morning for a latte. If there was an award for originality, I would have lost it a long time ago.

And, as you know, I'm clearly working at a disadvantage here.  "Amanda" and "wordless" just don't belong in the same sentence.

I could talk to a wall for longer than Tom Hanks talked to Wilson in Cast Away, if you double-dog-dared me to.  In fact, you wouldn't even have to dare me.  I'd volunteer if I was bored enough.

So instead of "Wordless Wednesday", maybe we should call it "Slightly Shorter Than My Average Novel-Length Post Wednesday".  How's that for a compromise?

My friend, Kim, posted this photo on Facebook yesterday.

Gosh, I love grammar humor, don't you?  Not as much as bathroom humor, but definitively more than slapstick humor.

So I chuckled, clicked "like", and moved on to the rest of my news feed.  I was really anxious to see what everybody was eating for dinner and/or read some funny e-cards.

My friend Tammy shared Kim's photo later that day, but this time, I noticed something new.

I'm not sure why - I mean, it might have been because Tammy flat out said that it was our town, so then I noticed all the familiar shops and restaurants in the background - but suddenly, it hit me, HEY, THAT'S OUR TOWN!

Needless to say, my detective skills are stellar.

I actually ate at that Krystal last Thursday.  That's my pharmacy in the background.  And I used to love that Mrs. Winners, but now that it's a Title Max, I bet the chicken isn't as good.  Oh, and the house that I grew up in is a 2-mile hike from there.


Be sure to check back next Wednesday for more Wordless Wednesday fun.  I'll try to keep my wordlessness to a 1,000 word minimum.  

Oh, and while you're here, have you liked me on Facebook yet?  No?  Well, uh... this is awkward.  Do you want to?  Check one: [] Yes [] No [] Maybe.

Seriously, will you like me?  Pretty please?  I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE HAVING FOR DINNER.  Your funny e-cards will just be a bonus.


  1. That is hilarious!! Love your Wordless Wednesday!

  2. so I laughed at that picture!!! pretty hard, and that made me think that although I have not snapped pics of the bad grammar signs I have seen here in town, I would like to comment 'Moutnain Educaion now open for Nite School' and for the longest time now dairy queen has had a sign up for 'blizzad cake' so I giggled.

  3. I love your version of wordlessness! Makes me feel like all my Wednesday posts count as wordless, too. Hey look, I'm part of the innernets!!!

  4. That is TOO funny!
    Saw this one in my town
    At least my people have spell check. LOL